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Funny Insta-Famous Animals to Giggle Over All Day Long

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Dog fashion, cat fashion -- is there a better 21st century trend? Hell, no! You call it eccentric we call it common sense. Pet accessories like HeadyPet’s wigwag glass inspired dog leash and yellow shatter harness let people know one dynamic duo is strutting the streets!

But Instagram has taught us there’s much more to life.. and many more things to do stoned. First on our list is getting the giggles over the internet’s best and often most unique pets. When you need a break from the deep dive into Instagram conspiracy theories and breaking celebrity news, we highly recommend a trip down the Insta-pet rabbit hole.

Menswear Dog - HeadyPet Most Stylish Dogs of Instagram

Menswear Dog - Smoke Cartel x HeadyPet - High End Dog Fashion

Stoner Dog - Menswear Dog - Smoke Cartel x HeadyPet Pet AccessoriesMenswear Dog

Try and find a more stylish dog on the Internet, we dare you! Bodhi is one seriously fashionable doggy who could give most humans a run for their money when it comes to NYC street style. Talk about designer dog clothes, Bodhi has also modeled for some huge fashion brands like Coach, Brooks Brothers, Ted Baker and American Apparel making him the most dapper dog out there.

 Ludwik Guinea Pig

Ludwik Hairless Guinea Pig - Instagram Famous Animals

Ludwik Guinea Pig

The “zero to hero” hairless guinea pig reminds us life is all about the transformation. From a rough start abandoned on the streets for his counterculture furless aesthetic, this fearless critter is heartwarming to watch enjoy greens while you enjoy yours. He’s got heart, and, man, this guinea pig cares.

HeadyPet Stoner Pet Accessories

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Flash Gatineo - Instagram Pet Fashion

Flash Gatineo - Stylish Cats of Instagram

Flash Gatineo

Flash Gatineo may be the most real motherf*cker we know. Definitely the most badass cat we’ve ever Insta-stalked. This feline’s exemplary style and million-mile gaze reaches levels of cool we just can’t compete with.  

Azuki Hedgehog - Instagram Famous Animals

Hilarious Hedgehog Azuki - Insta Famous Pets at HeadyPets Pet Accessories

Hedgehog Azuki

The fact that this face is not at Hollywood-level star status is un-freaking-believable. Hedgehog Azuki will always have a place in HeadyPet hearts. One day we will make something so incredibly tiny as to fit the world’s most popular hedgehog.

Pro Tip: If your more of a Sonic the Hedgehog type, we recommend stoner games over at Weed Almighty.

Stylish Dog Leashes at HeadyPets

 Hilarious Dogs of Instagram

Digby Van Winkle - The Best Dogs of Instagram


In the same vein as Flight of the Conchord’s Bret and Jemaine, this hipster pair of New Zealand dogs have that same adorable scruff and wild-eyed culture shock gaze. Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle live in Wellington, New Zealand rock swimming floaties, chunky knit jumpers, and perfectly pink tongues.

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