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Harness - Argyle

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About this Harness

Harnesses are a popular choice for many dog owners today due to the increased knowledge and awareness of the impact that pulling on a collar can have on your dog. If your dog pulls or lunges excessively when you're walking it, they are an ideal candidate for a harness. Pulling on the leash and collar can put strain on the neck and throat with potentially harm effects over time. If your dog doesn't pull on the leash, a harness may not be necessary. But aside from pulling, harnesses are great for breeds with short muzzles and toy breeds. Since toy breeds are so delicate, a collar can be damaging to their neck. Breeds with short muzzles, such as pugs or bull dogs, benefit from harnesses because of their predisposition to breathing complications and tracheal collapse.

HeadyPet harnesses are unlike any other harnesses on the market. For one, they have awesome 420-friendly patterns like this super classy "Argyle" design displaying pot leaves. They also feature a zipper stash pocket that you can put empty waste baggies, treats, keys, or other goodies inside. So long to the days of forgetting a bag to clean up your dog's poop when you're on a walk. Just put a couple bags in the harness before you go on a walk, and you'll have it when you need it. There is also a special pendant loop on the chest of the harness, which prominently displays pendants or ID tags. There is reflective stitching on the back side of the harness for maximum visibility at night. Lastly, the breathable mesh interior will keep your pet comfortable and cool when wearing this harness.

There is a matching leash, collar, and bow tie, and seat belt for every harness design (sold separately). Shop for the matching pet gear. 3 sizes of harnesses are available; Small is shown in photo.

Please measure the length around your dog's neck and around the chest prior to making a purchase. 

  • Small: Neck size: adjustable from 9" - 14", Chest size: adjustable from 14" - 18"
  • Medium: Neck size: adjustable from 14" - 22", Chest size: adjustable from 18" - 29"
  • Large: Neck size: adjustable from 17" - 26", Chest size: adjustable from 24" - 38"
  • Design: “Argyle". Matching leash, bow tie, seat belt, and collar sold separately.
  • Materials: Nylon fabric, high-density webbing for added durability, laser-etched eco-friendly buckles, 3M reflective stitching.
  • Care Instructions: Wipe clean. Do not machine wash, iron, bleach, or tumble dry. 
  • CAUTION: Not for tie-out. Remove and replace immediately if it becomes torn or damaged.

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